British Champions Day

QIPCO British Champions Day is the Ultimate Raceday and the finale of the British Flat racing season.

We’ve once again brewed Champions Day Big Race Bitter , the perfect accompaniment to the race meeting.

We're giving you the chance to win some beer and tickets for 4 people to QIPCO British Champions Day at Ascot on Saturday October 19th, where the best horses and jockeys from across the globe will be in action competing for a £4.2 million purse as they bid to follow in the hoof prints of former Series stars at the richest raceday in Great Britain and, the finale to the European flat racing season. . 

 The Ultimate race day also hosts unbeatable action off the track; with a glitzy opening ceremony, Champion Flat Jockey coronation and a huge After Party; which this year features a DJ set by legendary duo Basement Jaxx!  

For your chance to WIN, all you have to do is rank our racers from quickest to slowest in our version of Race A Champion.

The Race A Champion challenge sees athletes and members of the public run alongside an interactive wall attempting to keep up with lights set to the speed of previous QIPCO British Champions Day Stars, breaking from the starting stalls. 

Along with some local friends we’ve put our own twist on the challenge which see competitors race over 20 metres; but who will be the quickest?

All you need to do is put our racers in the correct order from fastest to slowest. Our challengers are:

• Major & Ivan pulling the Dray 

• Willie’s Bike Bar 

• Elliot Swimming 

• Boys’ School Rowing 

• Windsor Cricketer 

• Matt’s Malt Sack Dash 

• French Brothers Boat river cruise 

• 700 Club Road Bike 

• Max’s Barrel Role 

• Bob’s Lion of Windsor push 

We will share the results and announce the winner on FRIDAY 11th Octobter.  Keep an eye on our social media platforms for updates on the challenges. 

 If no-one guesses the right order the person with the most correct positions will win. If more than one person wins we will draw a name at random.

QIPCO British Champions Day is the Ultimate Raceday and the finale of the British Flat racing season. Ascot racecourse is set alight on the nation’s richest ever raceday, as champions are crowned kings and queens of the turf. 

Discounted tickets for friends of Windsor & Eton Brewery are available too - just click here using the code BCDWE2019 .

Good Luck.