NEW Uprising brew

Marula Matata is a collaboration brew involving three breweries across the globe. A collaboration brew involving three breweries across the globe. 

Brewed under our Uprising brand, the other breweries are the award winning Sunset brewery based in Florianopolis, Brazil and Darling Brewery located in Western Cape, South Africa. The  Head Brewers of each met Paddy & Matt in Windsor and created a very special beer.

Based on the legendary Marula fruit they have produced a New England style IPA (NEIPA). So, what’s so special about Marula and what type of beer is NEIPA?

Marula is the fruit that grows wild in the bush in Southern Africa. When it ripens, so bountiful is the harvest of fruit that falls to the ground that the local wildlife are unable to eat it fast enough to keep up. Under the African sun it soon ferments – and still the wild-life gorge themselves- only to find that the effects of fermentation have a more lasting effect on their sensibility than usual. See the videos of this!

So, clearly it’s a fruit that ferments well – so what style of beer to put it in?  New England IPA is a style of IPA that is known as “Hazy Juice bomb”. Unlike the usual IPA styles these beers are low in bitterness but have huge levels of juicy hops and in most cases additional fruit added. These additions tend to make the beer hazy and this is encouraged with the use of Wheat and Oats which also give the beer a luscious, smooth mouthfeel.

So the final beer is a real juice bomb , not only from the use of Mosaic and Galaxy hops but also the addition of Marula juice shipped in from Africa giving the beer a tropical fruitiness with tangerine, pineapple and mango notes. It’s a smoothie of a beer! Good enough to knock an elephant over!