Trade Deliveries

We are excited to be re-commencing trade deliveries to all of customers throughout Windsor, Eton, the Thames Valley and London. It has been a while and even though we're all not sure what to expect it's certainly a step toward getting back to some form of normality.

As we are unsure what to expect we have brewed a compact range of beers to get the hand pulls and font flowing again.

Beers available to our trade accounts will be: Casks of ETON BOATMAN, GUARDSMAN, KNIGHT of the GARTER and WINDSOR KNOT; alongside Kegs of REPUBLIKA, CAPITAL, UPRISING TREASON and UPRISING WHITE RIOT.

We will look to increase our range in time depending on trade growing and being able for our team to work safely. Currently we have 2 separate teams of brewers working around the clock to ensure we have enough beer for everyone. Also, we're running with just 2 drayman across 2 vans so our delivery days may differ from week to week.

We would like to wish all our trade customers, old and new, the very best of luck with their re-openings and we're here to support you in any way we can.

For more information on setting up a trade account please contact the office on 01753 854075 or

Thank you.