We are excited to let you know about the new format for KnightClub 2022. 
The membership itself remains the same - 3 x events per membership across the year for you and up to 2 guests, and 10% discount in the shop and online. 
The main change this year will be the number of evenings available. They will increase from 6 to 12 (one per month) and will be a mixture of traditional and new events. The traditional evenings will be split between the brewhouse and Unit 4 depending on theme and time of year. The smaller, more intimate experiences are for those wishing to get an insight and/or gain more knowledge on why we are all here, beer! 
Our provisional calendar for 2022 is below and is subject to change.  
We would also love to hear ideas from you on what would be a good exclusive event that you would want to attend: 
• Jan – Beer tasting competition – teams compete in blind tasting beers, picking out flavours and aromas. – Unit 4 
• Feb – Royal Harmonics performance – Unit 4, enjoy a regular KC evening with some backing vocals. 
• Mar – Beer Quiz – KC with a competitive edge. Points makes pints. 
• Apr – Back to the brewery 12th birthday bash – old school KC in the brewhouse 
• May – Create a Brew. Sit down and create a recipe from scratch, we will then brew it. 
• Jun – Platinum Jubilee event – Unit 4 
• Jul – Backyard BBQ – In the yard, BBQ and brewhouse 
• Sep – Pub games evening – in the brewhouse 
• Oct – Beer and cheese pairing in Unit 4 
• Nov – World Cup watch along in the brewhouse 
• Dec – Christmas Market and carols in Unit 4 
As mentioned, the above schedule subject to change, we will keep you up to date with monthly newsletters. All evenings will be on the usual 3rd Tuesday of the month. 
Upon joining/renewing you will be sent out an ‘invite’ for you to log in to your Shopify account if you have not already done so. Shopify is our platform for our shop where we will store your membership information (such as nights remaining and attended, renewal date etc) You can also log into this account to make purchases from our online shop to get your discount and, we will log any onsite transactions onto your account. If you therefore have any queries such as how many nights left or when your membership expires then any member of the shop/bar team will be able to find out from your account. 
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