Crafting an Unforgettable Fusion: Maqui Chileno 
At Windsor & Eton Brewery, we had the incredible opportunity to host a group of talented Chilean craft brewers during their technical tour of the UK. Together, we embarked on a brewing adventure that would result in the creation of Maqui Chileno, a beer like no other. This collaboration brought together eight Chilean brewers, four bar owners, and their partners, each with their own unique brewing expertise and passion. 
Maqui Chileno offers beer enthusiasts in the UK a truly exceptional experience. It breaks free from traditional beer styles, introducing a fusion of flavours that captivate the senses. By combining Maqui berries, sourced directly from the stunning Patagonia region, with British blackcurrants, we've crafted a brew that showcases the best of both worlds. 
With a radiant golden hue and a subtle purple tint, Maqui Chileno entices the eye even before the first sip. The complex malty ale base provides a solid canvas for the interplay of soft berry flavours, derived from the Maqui berries and blackcurrants. This collaboration results in a beautifully balanced brew, offering hints of sweetness and complexity before finishing with a gentle bitterness that leaves a lasting impression. 
At Windsor & Eton Brewery, we take pride in fostering collaboration and celebrating the diversity of brewing traditions. Maqui Chileno embodies this ethos, exemplifying the cross-cultural exchange that occurs within the craft beer community. It is a testament to the global camaraderie that unites brewers and beer lovers, transcending borders and creating innovative, unforgettable brews. 
Raise your glass to the craftsmanship, creativity, and cross-cultural camaraderie that brought Maqui Chileno to life. Join us on this exciting journey of taste and discovery, as we proudly present this unique and extraordinary beer. Let Maqui Chileno transport you to the enchanting landscapes of Patagonia while celebrating the shared love for brewing and the remarkable flavours that emerge from collaborative brewing ventures. Cheers to the unforgettable experience that is Maqui Chileno 
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