Return of the King" Garners Global Attention and Praise 

RETURN OF THE KING celebrates King Charles’s lifetime of service to the country and his passionate support for the environment. 
We marked the occasion with our very first 100% organic beer brewed in the heart of Windsor using organic barley from the local Royal Farm and organic English hops. 
The RETURN OF THE KING image takes one of the most iconic and popular photographs of King Charles and gives it a distinctive Windsor & Eton Brewery twist. Renowned London portrait artist Martin Jessup was commissioned to paint the new king sitting relaxed in ceremonial uniform surrounded by the birds, butterflies, and bees of his beloved British countryside. 
The Coronation Ale "Return of the King" has captured the hearts of beer enthusiasts worldwide with its unique flavour and majestic branding. The buzz around our product has been truly inspiring, and we're thrilled to see people enjoying our beer. 
Return of the King has garnered global attention and has been featured in some of the world's most prestigious media outlets. 
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