We believe that brewing is about more than great beer. It's about the people and sharing the good times. We draw inspration from our travels, the people we've met, the food we've shared and the beers we've enjoyed. We bring all of this into how we brew. Unflinchingly challenging brewing conventions and pushing the boundries. Our new look is equally bold - it's the story of every independent craft brewer who's dreamed of making their own beers and not working for the men in suits. It’s a celebration of everyone who is creating their own path and a shout out to those who still dream of breaking free.  
SP:Zero is an illustrator and street artist based in Bristol. His work includes live drawing, magazine art, computer games and his own comic book called 'After the Robot Apocalypse'. He's most well known for his large scale murals. For our new Uprising cans, he's drawn on inspiration from the world of movies to create some epic designs. 
You can follow SP:Zero on Instagram @after_the_robot_apocalypse and @spzero76 
Lead Hop: Simcoe 
IBU: 50 
TREASON was the start of the Uprising. It was the first Uprising beer to win gold and it's gone on to win 7 more. Smashing this many hops into one brew is treason to some, but it's liquid gold to us. 
A bold, uncompromising beer, packed with hops at 4 different stages in the brewing process. Imperial and Munich malts give the beer enough body to try and tame the hop aromas jumping out of the glass. A classic West Coast IPA boasting intense pine and solid bitterness with residual sweetness and citrus aromas. TREASON is a firm favourite and has won an amazing 14 awards including 9 gold medals in national and international competitions. 
SHOUT is another break out beer. It's brewed with six of the loudest new world hops. You won't look back. 
Those 6 loudest new world hops give a face-full of zesty, juicy fruit bowl aromas - there's banana, white grape, pineapple & grapefruit over a solid biscuity malt base. Session strength at 4.2% and brewed to be easy drinking with a light body and dry finish. 
Lead Hop: Bravo 
IBU: 40 
Lead Hop: Bravo 
IBU: 50 
A SIBA regional gold medal winner CAUGHT BY THE FUZZ is a refreshing pale ale with a giant peach hit. 
The appearance is pale gold with a fuzzy haze & spritzy condition. Huge peach, citrus and soft fruit aromas are well balanced with spicy notes from the Bravo and Chinook hops to give a bitter finish, making Caught by the Fuzz a particularly refreshing and drinkable session ale. 
WHITE RIOT is brewed with very light malts and wheat to form a natural blonde white beer that has a beautiful creamy white head. The beer has been fermented using IPA techniques to produce a clean and fresh drinkability. 
Using the best of New World hops including Mosaic, Citra, Equinox and Enigma the beer has a distinct fruity hoppiness. What makes this a stand-out product though, is the use of Orange Zest during warm conditioning to produce a really distinct aroma and flavour. This is a beer that delivers maximum refreshment. 
Having won 4 prestigious national and regional awards including two coveted SIBA Golds it’s popular with beer lovers everywhere. 
Lead Hop: Ekuanot 
IBU: 43 
Lead Hop: Galaxy 
IBU: 36 
MARULA MATATA was originally brewed as our largest ever collaboration across three continents with the Sunset brewery based in Florianopolis, Brazil and Darling Brewery located in Western Cape, South Africa. 
Based around the legendary Marula fruit, this is a New England style IPA (NEIPA), a style of IPA that is known as “Hazy Juice bomb”. Unlike the usual IPA styles, NEIPAs are low in bitterness but have huge levels of juicy hops making the beer hazy and this is encouraged with the use of Wheat and Oats which also give the beer a luscious, smooth mouthfeel. 
Marula fruit grows wild in the bush in Southern Africa. When it ripens, the harvest of fruit that falls to the ground. Under the African sun it soon ferments for a fruity intoxicating snack for the local wild-life including elephants. 
to be continued... 
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